Publications from the RLA

Please let us know if a paper that you have presented at the RLA has been published. Publications will be listed by conference year.

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  1. A revised and slightly extended version of my paper given on the 8th RLA Conference in 2012 on the topic of "Isaiah’s Prophecy on the Nations’ Pilgrimage to the Mount of Zion (Isaiah 2) as a Predecessor of Modern Utopia" is now published in a congress volume which results from a 2013 conference on "Interreligous Dialogue from a German and an Indian Perspective". The title of the revised paper is:
    "The Prophecy of the Nations’ Pilgrimage to the Mount of Zion (Isa 2.2 4), its Reception by Ernst Bloch and the Question of Differing Religious Beliefs"
    Editors: René Dausner/ Joachim Eck
    Book Title: "Theologien in ihrer kulturellen Prägung"
    Series: Eichstätter Studien vol. 72
    Publisher: Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg
    ISBN 978-3-7917-2626-7
    PP. 40-58